Chapin-Stephens Co. Union Factory

Riverton, Pine Meadow, Connecticut

Tool Types

Planes, Rules, Calipers, Combination Tools, Levels, Screwdrivers, Spoke Shaves, Box Scrapers, and more

DATM Information


Identifying Marks

THE CHAPIN - STEPHENS CO PINE MEADOW CONN. U.S.A. (sometimes split between lines with or without the top line curved upward), THE C-S CO.; UNION FACTORY WARRANTED H. CHAPIN

General Information
Hermon Chapin's Son Co. (est. 1897) and D.H. Stephens & Co. (est. 1861) merged to form this company in 1901. A number of mergers and buyouts including the Chapin name began with Hermon Chapin, a maker of wood planes. He was the father of Edward M. Chapin, George W. Chapin and Philip E. Chapin, who succeeded him as H Chapin & Sons in 1860, then H. Chapin's Sons, H. Chpain's Son, and H. Chapin's Son & Co. See Hermon Chapin.



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