Whitman & Barnes, Mfg. Co.
Akron, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia

Tool Types

Bits, Chisels, Drills, farm Tools, Files, Hammers, Hatchets, Knives, Screwdrivers, Taps, Wrenches, Others

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

This company's widespread factories included locations in Syracuse, NY, West Pullman, IL and St. Catharines, OH. At some point their headquarters moved from Akron to Philadelphia, though the factory in Akron continued to produce. Their "Est." date is 1848, though the earliest it can specifically be placed is 1883. Patents include 27 February 1883, 1 July 1890, 19 May 1891, and 19 April 1898.

Identifying Marks

Various combinations of "W.&B." or "W.&B.Co." in a diamond outline; full name; WHITMAN BARNES; DIAMOND; HERCULES; ACME; ALWAYS READY; BULLDOG

General Information
Whitman & Barnes got their start making some of the first quality blades and sickles for McCormick mowers.


Pages from the 1894 Whitman & Barnes Tool Catalog


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http://www.akronhistory.org/kendig_agricultural.htm -- article on the agricultural boom of Akron, OH, including Whitman & Barnes' part in it