Goldblatt Tool Co.
Kansas City, Kansas

Tool Types

Axes and Hatchets, Remodeling Tools

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

America’s most prolific 20th century manufacturer of high quality masonry tools, the Goldblatt Co. may have started in Kansas City, date unknown, in the late 19th century as a maker of axes and hatchets

Identifying Marks


General Information
While the DATM lists Goldblatt as primarily manufacturing axes and hatchets, the modern incarnation of Goldblatt has apparently manufactured tools relating to masonry and drywalling for some time.


A lot of tools purchased in MA including some Goldblatt examples.


Nelson, Robert E., Ed. (1999). Directory of American Toolmakers: A listing of identified makers of tools who worked in Canada and the United States before 1900. Early American Industries Association. 

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