Ohio Tool Co.
Auburn, NY and Columbus, OH

Tool Types

Augers, Axes, bits, Chisels, clamps, Draw Knives, Metal Planes, Plane Irons, Shaves, Vises, Wood Planes

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

This company was formed in 1823 though the name was not concrete until incorporation in 1851. The Columbus branch used prison labor from the Ohio State Penitentiary from 1841 to 1880. In 1893, they merged with Auburn Tool Co. until all operations moved to Charleston, West Virginia in 1914. Peter Hayden and George Gere were involved both with tool production and as officials of the company after its incorporation.

Identifying Marks

Various configurations of the name; COLUMBUS; NEW YORK; SCIOTO

General Information
Along with the Auburn Tool. Co's "Star," Ohio Tool Co. also owned and used New York Tool Co.'s "Thistle" brand.



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Registry of Maine Toolmakers -- contains an entry for a nosing plane probably made by Ohio Tool Co.

http://pages.friendlycity.net/~krucker/OhioTool/history.htm -- Contains a bit of history information on Ohio Tool Co.