Caleb Jewett Kimball
Bennington, NH

Kimball Co.
This photograph is from pg. 5 of Roger K Smith's article in The Fine Tool Journal.

Caleb Jewett Kimball (1817-1896) made draw knives, hoes and shaves using the mark C. J. KIMBALL.  His solo working dates are from 1841 to 1872.  He started in Milford, NH then moved to Wilton, NH from 1849 to 1851 and finally to Bennington, NH.  In 1873, he started working with his son, George Edward Kimball (1842- 1913) as C. J. KIMBALL & SON.  Their tool line expanded to include axes, cutlery, knives and leather tools. In 1894, Caleb retired and the company became the Caleb Jewett Kimball Co. in which two of his younger sons were partners (Fred Hastings Kimball b. 1857, d. 1917 and Charles Herbert Kimball b. 1848, d. 1912) along with William H. Odell. In 1894, Wilbur Webster of E. Jaffrey, NH sold his cutlery, knives and leather tools business to the C. J. Kimball Co. (DATM)

“In the late 1880s the Kimball’s started manufactured drawknives for E. C. Simmons, the large hardware firm of St. Louis, MO, which used the brand name KEEN KUTTER.” (Smith 1997, 6).
“In August of 1914 Fred Hastings Kimball, at that time president of the firm and only surviving son, announced that the machinery and tools would be moved to the Walden Knife Co. in Walden, N.Y., a company also largely owned by the E. C. Simmons Co.  The Kimball firm continued to manufacture drawknives until 1915 when they completed their move to New York.” (Smith 1997, 6)


Smith, Roger K. Caleb Jewett Kimball: Edge tool maker: Bennington, NH.

The Davistown Museum has a C. J. Kimball  & Son farrier's slick in the Maritime IV Collection listed under edge tools.