Charles E. Jennings & Co.
New York, NY; Factories in Yalesville, CT, Port Jervis, NY and New Haven, CT

Tool Types

Augers, Bits, Chisels, Draw Knives, Levels, Metal Planes, Saws, Wood Planes

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

While it is possible Charles E. Jennings worked under his name a few years before adding the "& Co.," it is obvious that the company grew out of acquiring other companies as evidenced by its factories' locations and numerous brand names. In 1901, the company took credit for the following marks: C.E. JENNINGS & CO.; C.E. JENNINGS; JENNINGS & GRIFFIN MFG. CO.; L'HOMMEDIEU; MERRILL & WILDER; WATROUS & CO.; NOBLE'S MFG. CO.; CLARK TOOL CO.; BRATTLEBORO TOOL CO.; PASSAIC MFG. CO.; E.H. TRACY; GEO. S. WILDER; PLINY MERRILL; HINSDALE MFG. CO.; and EXCELSIOR MFG. CO., all manufactured at the L'hommedieu Tool Works. Also in 1901 they took credit for the following saw brands: WM. B. ASTEN; JOSEPH HARRIS; THE ORIENT; EXCELSIOR SAW CO.; IMPERIAL; GENEVA SAW WORKS; THE TRANSVAAL; CLARK & CO.; MERRILL'S FAULTLESS; CLARK'S COMBINATIN; J. DOUBLEDAY; HORTON'S; NEW YORK SAW CO.; A.G. MORTON; S. MORRELL; KING; HOWARD & CO.; CLARK'S FARMERS; J.I. SEE; BRIGHTON; J.&G. MFG. CO.; THE MAGNETIC; NEW CENTURY and GRIFFIN'S. ARROW HEAD and LONDON SPRING were also theirs (Arrowhead appears twice on the cover of the catalog in the collection).

Identifying Marks

C.E.JENNINGS & CO/N.YORK; CHAS.E.CHANNINGS & Co; J (on an arrowhead); C.E.JENNINGS & CO./NEW YORK.U.S.A. (name line curved)

General Information
While part of Jennings & Griffin (1885-1900 and on), Jennings continued to stamp his tools "MERRILL & WILDER" because of the mark's widespread reputation.


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