Charles P. Fay
Springfield, Massachusetts

Tool Types

Calipers and dividers

DATM Information

This company sometimes used “& Co.” or the brand YANKEE. L.S. Starrett bought him out in 1887 and kept using names associated with his patents as late as 1898 despite his leaving Starrett to become a VP of J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. in 1896. Patents include calipers on June 2, 1885 and January 1886, and a number of patents he assigned to Starrett and J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. He also made calipers patented by Samuel B. Dover on November 7, 1882 and James H. Bullard on February 9, 1886 (Nelson 1999).

Identifying Marks

MF'd By C.P.Fay/Sp'f'd.Mass.USA

General Information




Nelson, Robert E., Ed. (1999). Directory of American Toolmakers: A listing of identified makers of tools who worked in Canada and the United States before 1900. Early American Industries Association.