Connecticut Valley Mfg. Co.
Centerbrook, CT

Tool Types

Augurs and Bits

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

This company dealt in Wright patent and Clark patent expansive bits and Lewis patent spiral bits, which may have been made by Lewis & Hayden or the H.D. Lewis Co.

Identifying Marks

CON.VAL.CO. (may be for the Connecticut Valley Hdw. Co.)

General Information
Alfred M. Wright, after returning home injured from the United States' Civil War, became a member of the firm in 1866, incorporating Connecticut Valley Mfg. Co. under that name in 1874, continuing as president until 1906. He as succeeded by his sons, Walter H. Wright and Northam Wright who were in turn succeeded by a third generation of Wrights, Alfred R. and Martin W. According to their 1939 catalog, their expansive bits are made from a proprietary chrome carbon steel, with the screw tips milled from solid stock rather than being friction cut.



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