S. W. Card Mfg. Co.
Mansfield, Massachusetts

S. W. Card Mfg. Co., was one of New England's most important late classic period manufacturer's of taps, dies and related cutting tools.  DATM (1999) lists S. W. Card Mfg. Co., which was located in Mansfield, MA, as operating between 1874 - 1908 before being bought out by the Union Twist Drill Co. of Athol, MA.

The company began in 1874 as Card Company, a partnership of Simon W. Card and David E. Harding.  In 1894, it became a corporation known as the S.W. Card Manufacturing Company.  Simon Card died in 1899.  In 1913, the company became a division of Union Twist Drill. (Copeland, pg. 117-118).

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Tools of the S.W. Card Mfg. Co. in the Museum collection.