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Below is a list of the books we have available at the Museum on the genealogy of families from Maine towns.  Visitors to this site, please note that the Maine Historical Society in Portland and the Maine State Museum both have extensive genealogical research resources.  You can also follow this link to find many town historical societies.  The Davistown Museum will not attempt to duplicate these resources and will limit our genealogical citations to those relevant to the Davistown Plantation and the down river towns of central coastal Maine (e.g. Alna) that we have located in our search for other materials.  Many of the books that we have listed under Maine Town Histories include surname indexes.  We also suggest you go to the Picton Press website; this Maine company publishes and/or sells many Maine genealogies. is the world's largest publisher of genealogical reference books.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also offers extensive resources and advice on researching family histories and has on-line the 1880 United States, 1881 British Isles and 1881 Canadian Censuses.  Downeast Maine Genealogy offers online census, birth, death, marriage and cemetery records for towns in coastal Washington county.  You can also try the resources at The Memorabilia Corner.

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Genealogy Journals

The American Geneologist. PO Box 398, Demorest, GA 30535.

Downeast Ancestry. PO Box 398, Machias, ME 04654. The Howland Quarterly. Published by The Pilgrim John Howland Society. The Maine Genealogist. Journal of the Maine Genealogical Society, PO Box 221, Farmington, ME 04938. The Mayflower Quarterly. PO Box 3297, Plymouth, MA 02361. The New England Historical and Geneological Register. 101 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116.