General History: Davistown Museum Library Books

The Davistown Museum has been donated copies of all the books in this listing.  These books are not listed elsewhere in the subject or special topic bibliographies.

(1922). The Care of Raw Hide Drop Box Loom Pickers. Smith and Porter Press Inc., Boston, MA. IS.

Historic Nova Scotia. Published by authority of Hon. Harold Connolly, Minister of Trade and Industry, Nova Scotia, Canada. IS.

Ambrose, Stephen E. (1996). Undaunted courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American west. Simon & Schuster, NY, NY. IS.

Anderson, R.C. (1955). Seventeenth-century rigging: A handbook for model-makers. Percival Marshall & Co., London, UK. IS.

Andrefsky, William. (1998). Lithics: Macroscopic approaches to analysis.  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, NY. IS.

The Appalachian Mountain Club. (1991). River guide: Maine. The Appalachian River Club, Boston, MA. IS.

Bailyn, Bernard. (1979). The New England merchants in the seventeenth century. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. IS.

Baker, William A. (1962). Colonial vessels: Some seventeenth-century sailing craft. Barre Publishing Company, Barre, MA. IS.

Berenson, Bernhard. (1906). The Florentine painters of the Renaissance with an index to their works. G. P. Putnam's Sons, NY, NY. IS.

Berenson, Bernhard. (1906). The Venetian painters of the Renaissance with an index to their works. G. P. Putnam's Sons, NY, NY. IS.

Berenson, Bernhard. (1907). The central Italian painters of the Renaissance. G. P. Putnam's Sons, NY, NY. IS.

Berg, Kare. (1999). Norwegian maritime explorers and expeditions over the past thousand years. Index Publishing, Oslo, Norway. IS.

Beston, Henry. (1942). The St. Lawrence. Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., NY, NY. IS.

Browne, S.H. (1871). The manual of commerce. Bill, Nichols and Co., Springfield, MA. IS.

Burgess, Robert H. (1975). Chesapeake sailing craft: Part I. Tidewater Publishers, Cambridge, MD. IS.

Butts, I.R. (1855). The business man's law library, and merchants', mechanics', landlords', tenants', insurers' & insured, shippers', common carriers' notaries', magistrates', lumber, iron, wood & coal dealers practical assistant. I.R. Butts, 2 School St., Boston, MA. IS.

Byington, Ezra Hoyt. (1896). The Puritan in England and New England. University Press, Cambridge, MA. IS.

Caldwell, Bill. (1988). Sailing the Maine coast. Guy Gannett Publishing Company. IS.

Cayton, Andrew, Perry, Elisabeth Israels and  Winkler Allan M. (1995). America: Pathways to the present. Prentice Hall, Needham, MA. IS.

Chapelle, Howard I. (1973). The American fishing schooners 1825 - 1935. W. W. Norton & Company, NY, NY. IS.

Chase, Agnes, et. al. (1931). Old and new plant lore. In: Abbot, Charles Greeley, Ed. Smithsonian Scientific Series: Volume 11. Smithsonian Institution Series, Inc., NY, NY. IS.

Cilley, Jonathan Prince. (1891). Bowdoin boys in Labrador. Rockland Publishing Co., Rockland, ME. IS.

Clark, Kenneth. (1960). Looking at pictures. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, NY, NY. IS.

Coman, Katherine. (1905). The industrial history of the United States for high schools and colleges. The Macmillan Company, NY, NY. IS.

Commager, Henry Steele. (1965). The American mind: An interpretation of American thought and character since the 1880's. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT. IS.

Crosby, Irving B. (1928). Boston through the ages: The geological story of greater Boston. Marshall Jones Company, Boston, MA. IS.

Davis, Charles G. (1922). How sails are made & handled (with a chapter on racing kinks). The Rudder Publishing Co., NY, NY. IS.

Debo, Angie. (1970). A history of the Indians of the United States. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK. IS.

DeVoto, Bernard. (1943). The year of decision 1846. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA. IS.

DeVoto, Bernard. (1947). Across the wide Missouri: With an account of the discovery of the Miller Collection by Mae Reed Porter. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA. IS.

Donnelly, Ignatius. (1882). Atlantis: The antediluvian world. Harper & Brothers, NY, NY. IS.

Duncan, Roger F. (2000). Dorothy Elizabeth: Building a traditional wooden schooner. W. W. Norton & Company, NY, NY.IS.

Doucette, Barbara A. (November 2000). Peabody: The first 150 years: An historical account of Peabody's early beginning as Salem and Danvers. IS.

Eastman, Ralph. (1956). Pilots & pilot boats of Boston Harbor. Second Bank State Street Trust Company, Boston, MA. IS.

Environment Canada. (no date). Poster: 10 great trees of B.C. Pacific Forest Research Centre, Canadian Forestry Service, Victoria, B.C., Canada. IS.

Ferguson, David L. (1976). Cleopatra's barge: The Crowninshield story. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA. IS.

Freidel, Frank. (1959). The golden age of American history. George Braziller, Inc., NY, NY. IS.

Gardner, John. (Winter 1973). The Rangeley boat: A background sketch. Reprinted from THE LOG of Mystic Seaport. IS.

Gardner, Peabody G. (1959). Ready about: Sailing adventures Downeast. American Book - Stratford Press, A. S. Burnes & Co., NY. IS.

Garvin, James L. and Garvin, Donna-Belle. (1988). On the road north of Boston: New Hampshire taverns and turnpikes 1700 - 1900. New Hampshire Historical Society, Concord, NH. IS.

Gebler, Ernest. (1950). The Plymouth adventure: A chronicles novel of the voyage of the Mayflower. Doubleday, Garden City, NY.

Gibran, Kahlil. (1949). Tears and laughter. The Philosophical Library, New York, NY. IS.

Gray, Nicolete. (1986). A history of lettering: Creative experiment and letter identity. David R. Godine, Publisher, Boston, MA. IS.

Haney, Robert and Ballantine, David. (1974). Woodstock handmade houses. Ballantine Books, NY, NY. IS.

Harrison, Mark, Erublecter, Gary and Herlsir, Viking. (1993). 793 - 1066 AD weapons, armor, tactics. London. IS.

Herm, Gerard. (1975). The Celts. St. Martin's Press, New York, NY. IS.

Holbrook, Stewart H. (1947). The story of American railroads. Crown Publishers, NY, NY. IS.

Holland, John H. (1995). Hidden order: How adaptation builds complexity. Helix Books, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, NY, NY. IS.

Hubbard, Charles D. (1947). An old New England village. Falmouth Publishing House of Portland, ME. IS.

Hunt, Rockwell D. and Van de Grift Sanchez, Nellie. (1929). A short history of California. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, NY, NY. IS.

International Correspondance Schools. (1912). The poultryman’s handbook: A convenient reference book. International Textbook Company, Scranton, PA. IS.

Jacopetti, Roland and VanMeter, Ben. (1977). Rescued buildings: The art of living in former schoolhouses, skating rinks, fire stations, churches, barns, summer camps and cabooses. Capra Press, Santa Barbara, CA. IS.

James, George Wharton. (1937). Indian blankets and their makers. Tudor Publishing Co., NY, NY. IS.

Jenson, L.B. (1980). Fisherman of Nova Scotia. Petheric Press (div. of Nimbus Publ. Lmtd.), Halifax, N.S., Canada. IS.

Jordan, Winthrop D. et. al. (1982). The United States. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ. IS.

Katcher, Philip R. N. (1975). Armies of the American wars, 1753-1815. Osprey Publishing, Reading. IS.

Kelly, Walter. (1863). Curiosities of Indo European tradition and folklore. London. IS.

Kipling, Rudyard. (1956). Captains courageous. Bantam Books, NY, NY. IS.

Laing, Alexander. (1974). The American Heritage history of seafaring America. American Heritage Publishing Company, Inc., NY, NY. IS.

Laurence, Frederick Sturgis. (1968). Coasting passage.  Charles S. Morgan, Concord, MA. IS.

Leach, Henry Goddard. (1946). A pageant of old Scandinavia. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. IS.

Leavitt, John F. (1984). Wake of the coasters. Second edition. Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc., Mystic, CT. IS.

Lindsey, Benjamin J. (1915). Old Marblehead sea captains and the ships in which they sailed. Marblehead Historical Society, Marblehead, MA. IS.

Malinowski, Bronislaw. (1926). Myth in primitive psychology. W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., NY, NY. IS.

Malraux, Andre. (1953). The voices of silence. Translated by Stuart Gilbert. Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, NY. IS.

Mattingly, Garrett. (1959). The armada. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA. IS.

McCullough, David. (2007). 1776: Illustrated edition. Becker & Mayer, Bellevue, WA. IS.

McKee, Eric. (1972). Clenched lap or clinker. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. IS.

Melder, Keith E. (1976). The village and the nation. Old Sturbridge Village Booklet Series, Sturbridge, MA. IS.

Miller, Henry. (1939). The cosmological eye. New Directions, NY, NY. IS.

Milton, Giles. (2000). Big chief Elizabeth. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York, NY. IS.

Mitchell, Edwin Valentine. (1950). The romance of New England antiques. A.A. Wyn, NY, NY. IS.

Morison, Samuel Eliot. (1962). One boy's Boston: 1887 - 1901. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA. IS.

The National Archives. (1940). Ship registers of New Bedford, Massachusetts: Volume I: 1796 - 1850. The National Archives, Boston, MA. X.

Newell, Gordon and Williamson, Joe. (MCMLX). Pacific lumber ships. Bonanza Books, NY, NY. IS.

Paasch, Capt. H. (1890). Illustrated marine encyclopedia. Facsimile reprint edition in 1977 by Argus Books Limited, Watford, Herts, England. IS.

Pack, Greta. (1975). Jewelry Making by the Lost Wax Process. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, NY. IS.

Pack, S.W.C., Ed. (1947). Anson's voyage round the world: 1740-1744. Penguin Books, NY, NY. IS.

Parr, Charles McKew. (1964). Jan van Linschoten: The Dutch Marco polo. Thomas Y. Crowell, NY, NY. IS.

Pevsner, Nikolaus. (1953). An outline of European architecture. Penguin Books, NY, NY. IS.

Polkinghorne, Ruby K. and Polkinghorne, Mabel I.R. (1928). Weaving & other pleasant occupations as training for hand and eye in the schoolroom. Bretano's, NY. IS.

Porter, Rufus. (1969). A Yankee inventor's flying ship. Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN. IS.

Putz, George and Spectre, Peter H. (1975). The mariner’s catalog. Vol. 3. International Marine Publishing Co., Camden, ME. IS.

Raistrick, Arthur. (1975). The Coalbrookdale Ironworks. Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Telford, Salop. IS.

Raymond, Robert. (1986). Out of the fiery furnace: The impact of metals on the history of mankind. The MacMillan Company of Australia, South Melbourne, Australia. IS.

Rees, Abraham. (no date). The cyclopaedia; or, universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature. Volume XL. Samuel F. Bradford and Murry, Fairman and Co., NY, NY. IS.

Robert, Gen. Henry M. (1943). Robert's rules of order revised for deliberative assemblies. Scott, Foresman and Company, NY, NY. IS.

Roberts, Al, Ed. (1970). Enduring friendships. International Marine Publishing Co., Camden, ME. IS.

Rodger, N.A.M. (1986). The wooden world: An anatomy of the Georgian Navy. Collins, London. IS.

Roland, Alex. (1978). Underwater warfare in the age of sail. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN. IS.

Rose, Walter. (1987). The village carpenter. New Amsterdam Books, NY, NY. IS.

Rousmaniere, John. (1986). The low black schooner: Yacht America 1851 - 1945: A new history of the yacht America based on the exhibit held at Mystic Seaport Museum November 1986 through March 1987 cosponsored by the New York Yacht Club. Mystic Seaport Museum Stores, Mystic, CT. IS.

Russell, Benjamin. (1955). Whale ships and whaling scenes.  Second Bank-State Street Trust Company, Boston, MA. IS.

Russell, Franklin. (1965). The secret islands. Simon and Schuster, NY, NY. IS.

The Seamen's Bank for Savings. (1965). Sails: Types, usage and care of present day sails. The Seamen's Bank for Savings, NY, NY. IS.

The Seamen's Bank for Savings. (1969). The saga of sail: Depicting ships through the ages. The Seamen's Bank for Savings, NY, NY. IS.

Sarton, George. (1966). A history of science: Ancient science through the golden age of Greece. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. IS.

Schneider, Richard C. (1972). Crafts of the North American Indians: A craftsman's manual. Self published, 312 Linwood Ave., Stevens Point, Wisconsin. IS.

Scientific American, Inc. (1976). Readings from Scientific American: Avenues to antiquity. W. H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, CA. IS.

Shackleton, Robert and Shackleton, Elizabeth. (1921). The charm of the antique. The Penn Publishing Company, Philadelphia, PA. IS.

Shackleton, Robert and Shackleton, Elizabeth. (1927). The quest of the colonial. The Penn Publishing Company, Philadelphia, PA. IS.

Sheldon, George. (1925). 'Tis sixty years since: The passing of the stall-fed ox and the farm boy. Reprinted from Vol. III of the Proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association. IS.

Snell, Tee Loftin. (1974). The wild shores: America's beginnings. National Geographic. IS.

Spence, Lewis. (1986). Myths and legends series: North American Indians. Bracken Books, London. IS.

Sprigg, June. (1987). Shaker design. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York in association with W. W. Norton & Company, NY, NY. IS.

Sprigg, June and Larkin, David. (1987). Shaker: Life, work, and art. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA. IS.

Tooley, R. V. (1962). Maps and map-makers. Bonanza Books, NY, NY. IS.

Trevelyan, George Macaulay. (1946). A shortened history of England. Longmans, Green and Co., Toronto, Canada. IS.

Updike, John. (1989). Just looking: Essays on art. Alfred A Knopf, NY, NY. IS.

Viereck, Phillip. (1967). The new land: Discovery, exploration, and early settlement of northeastern United States, from earliest voyages to 621, told in the words of the explorers themselves. The John Day Company, NY, NY. IS.

Villiers, Alan. (1967). Captain James Cook. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY, NY. IS.

Ward, Christopher. (1952). The war of the revolution. 2 vols. The Macmillan Company, NY, NY. IS.

Warman, Edwin G. (1978). American cut glass. Self published, Uniontown, PA. IS.

Way, Frederick. (1947). Ships and sailing albums. Kalmbach Pub. Co., Milwaukee, WI.

White, Emil, Ed. (1961). Henry Miller: Between heaven and hell: A symposium. Self published. IS.

Wolf, Eric R. (1982). Europe and the people without history. University of California Press, Los Angeles, CA. IS.

Wood, Bertrand T. (1978). Noman's Land Island: History and legends. Published by the author, Yankeetown, FL. IS.

Wright, Arthur F. (1959). Buddhism in Chinese history. Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA. IS.

Wright, John Kirtland. (1966). Human nature in geography: Fourteen papers, 1925 - 1965. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA. IS.

Wyeth, N.C., Ed. (1940). Great stories of the sea & ships. David McKay Company, NY, NY. IS.