Sandusky Tool Co.
Sandusky, Ohio

Tool Types

Axes, Clamps, hammers, Hoes, Metal Planes, Picks, Plane Irons, Screwdrivers, Shaves, Wood Planes, Other

DATM Information

Aside from planes, this company may have solely been a distributor for some items. Patented planes include one by Cyrus Kinney in 1855, two by Ellis H. Morris on 8 November 1870 and 21 March 1871, and one by Harmon Vandbuskirk on 30 November 1869. They were bought by American Fork & Hoe Co. in 1926.

Identifying Marks

SANDUSKY TOOL CO/OHIO (in straight lines or scrolled double curve); SANDUSKY TOOL CO/SANDUSKY OHIO (name curved); OGONTZ TOOL CO.

General Information
Sandusky produced a line of semi-steel planes incorporating an alloy of 85% gray iron, 10% steel, and 5% Mayari iron (probably from Cuban ore). A prolific late 19th century maker of wood planes, including some fancy plow planes, which are now collector’s items.



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