O.S. Rixford
East Highgate, Vermont
1880-1889 (Est. 1812)

Tool Types

Axes, Handles, Scythes, Wetstones

DATM Information

Rixford lits an "Est. 1812" date, but probably succeeded L.&L.P. Rixford or possibly some even earlier business. It's unclear whether RIXFORD and EBONY marked axes are earlier or later Rixfords or from the Canada Axe & Harvest Tool Mfg. Co.

Identifying Marks


General Information
O.S. Rixford was the youngest son of one Luther Rixford and evidently succeeded him around 1838. He built a foundry to make stoves around 1865 and employed roughly 30 people at the time.



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http://www.rootsweb.com/~vermont/FranklinHighgate.html -- Highgate township history including notes on O.S. Rixford