Greenfield Tool Co.
Greenfield, Massachusetts

Tool Types

Clamps, Marking Gauges, Wood Planes, Other

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

While best known for its planes, this company, which succeeded the Conway Tool Co. with Alonzo Parker as its agent, manufactured a variety of marking, cutting and slitting gauges and clamps. Another instance of this company name listing occurs in Philadelphia, though this was likely just a sales office for the main branch. Both reported as working until 1883 making an "iron plane gauge," patented 26 July 1887 by Edward B. Shapardson. This product was still being sold in 1905.

Identifying Marks

GREENFIELD TOOL Co/GREENFIELD MASS (versions with both straight and curved lines)

General Information
This was an extremely prolific company, especially in plane production, and such tools can be found in wide circulation today.



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