Folding Sawing Machine Co.
Chicago, IL and Essex Center, Ontario

Tool Types


DATM Information

Marvin O. Smith was the founder of this company, holding patents on a one-man sawing machine (31 Octoer 1882, 22 July 1884, 17 Befruary 1885, 28 January 1890 and a Canadian patent on 25 Novemer 1885). Marvin's widow Mary was president of the company until 1904. The company underwent some sort of change that year and, despite remaining in business until 1942, did not appear in Chicago directories.

Identifying Marks

F.S.M. CO., patent dates

General Information
The Chicago factory manufactured all orders except those from Canada; this allowed the sale of equipment duty-free within Canada. The tool catalog in the collection includes many written testimonials to the quality of these saws from both America and abroad.



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