Thomas H. Witherby
Millbury, MA
Witherby Tool Co.
Millbury, MA and Winsted, CT

Millbury, Massachusetts and Winsted, Connecticut
Tool Types:
Chisels and Draw Shaves
Identifying Marks: WITHERBY, sometimes with WARRANTED
Remarks: “Thomas H. Witherby made chisels and drawknives in Millbury, MA from 1849 to 1850.  He used the mark T.H. WITHERBY, sometimes in a diamond shaped outline. It is assumed that he was succeeded by the Witherby Tool Co. of Millbury. The only recorded working date for this company is 1868. It is possible that the T. H. WITHERBY mark may actually belong to the company. Witherby is also known to have worked in Winsted, CT and the Witherby Tool Co. was also reported as located in Winsted, CT.” (Nelson 1999, 871-3).
The Winsted Edge Tool Works of 1890 used the mark WINSTED EDGE TOOLWORKS / -WINSTED, CONN. U.S.A. - / / T.H. WITHERBY. It is not clear whether Witherby adopted this name or if this company bought him out. They used the brand name RAZOR TEMPER. Thomas Witherby, often called Timothy, is, along with the Buck Bros., America’s most famous edge toolmaker. Witherby edge tools are frequently recovered by the Liberty Tool Co. Numerous examples are in the Davistown Museum “Art of the Edge Tool” exhibition and illustrated in this publication series.

Tools of T.H. Witherby in the Museum collection.