Heller & Bros.
Newark, New Jersey

Tool Types

Blacksmith Tools, Files, Hammers, Wrenches, Other

Directory of American Toolmakers Information

This company used “Heller & Bros.” and “Heller Bros.” interchangeably from 1866 to 1899, Heller Brothers Company from 1899 to 1955, and Heller Tool Company from 1955 on. It was originally founded by three Heller brothers, Peter J., Lewis B., and Elias G. Jr. as a successor to their father, Elias Heller Sr. This company specialized in farriers’ tools

Identifying Marks

A standing horse, sometimes shown by a farrier with a rasp; MASTERENCH; MASTERWRENCH; H & B; variations of the horse and farrier mark with the Heller name (sometimes Heller Wagon Co.)

General Information
America’s most prolific manufacturers of farriers’ rasps and blacksmiths’ hammers.



Nelson, Robert E., Ed. (1999). Directory of American Toolmakers: A listing of identified makers of tools who worked in Canada and the United States before 1900. Early American Industries Association.