Goodell Pratt Co.
Greenfield, Massachusetts

Tool Types

Calipers, Drill Chucks, Drills, Saws, Wrenches

DATM Information

A successor to the Goodell Bros., this compny acquired Stratton Bros., Coffin & Leighton Co. and Lavigne Micrometer Co. prior to being acquired themselves by Millers Falls in 1931. Stockpiles of marked tools continued to be retailed a few years after their acquisition. The owner, William Pratt (1867-1946), worked for H.H. Mayhew Co. and Wells Bros. Co. prior to founding Goodell Pratt Co. and was possibly related to Henry L. Pratt, a founder of Millers Falls Co.

Identifying Marks

Various arrangements and combinations of the maker name, city, state, and "TOOLSMITHS." Alternately, "G P/Co" in a shield outline.

General Information
Albert Goodell was involved in the patenting and manufacture of several drill braces while in collaboration with Goodell Pratt. He formed Goodell Bros. in 1888, one of the original companies that formed Goodell Pratt Co.



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