Davistown Museum Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden

Circumferential Trail

Welcome to the Davistown Museum Hulls Cove Sculpture Garden. Please feel free to hike our historic circumferential trail and enjoy the Breakneck Hollow historic site as it was when the Brewer family built this house and began building ships in Hulls Cove in 1813. The Breakneck Brook on the east side of the property was the primary source of fresh water for visitors to Frenchman Bay, including Champlain (1604) and the many French fur traders who preceded the English settlers who came here in 1763. Breakneck Hollow was a summer Native American village from ancient times until the early 18th century. The Breakneck Road is a prehistoric Native American trail to the shell heaps in Southwest and Northeast Harbors and provided a safe cross island route as an alternative to traversing the southeasterly end of Mount Desert Island, where the prevailing southwesterly winds buffeted the birch bark canoes used by Native Americans visiting here to obtain shellfish.

Trail map
Follow the dots and the arrows on the map to circumnavigate the Davistown Museum Hulls Cove Sculpture Gardens and enjoy the surrounding woods and fields at the edge of Acadia National Park.

1. Ancient apple trees planted by the first settlers
2. Ancient well used by the first settlers
3. North frog ponds with remains of ancient well
4. Gardener's cottage (PRIVATE)
5. North trail
6. South frog pond - watch for snapping turtles
7. South trail with sculptures
8. Geronimo hide-a-way (Take a nap)
9. Breakneck Brook swimming hole (Be careful)
10. RADNET information board
11. Abandoned workshop
12. Tree house (Be careful)
13. Painful Extinction (sculpture)
14. Ancient ancestral woodchucks burrow
15. The end as well as the beginning of the circumferential trail by the chicken coop

ANP    Acadia National Park
BLKB  Blackberry patches
CG      Central Gardens
E          Entrance to the Sculpture Garden, guides located in box
GH      Greenhouse
H         Main house with Davistown Museum office and two apartments
HCGS Hulls Cove General Store
NG      North Gardens
PO       Hulls Cove Post Office
PB       Workshop
P          Play area
TB       Tool Barn  --  be sure to visit the tool collection upstairs
VG      Vegetable Gardens