William M. Beatty & Son Co.
Chester, Pennsylvania

Tool Types

Axes, Chisels, Edge Tools, Household Tools

DATM Information

The "sons" referred to in "W.M. Beatty & Sons" is contradictory to the singular "& SON" of their maker's mark. This could refer to John C. Beatty--William P. Beatty later joined. While "& Sons" was added to the name in 1839, John doesn't appear to have joined until 1840. While directories show them in Philadelphia and Oakdale, PA in 1870, Media, PA has been found on tools from that period. Due to John C.'s frequent moves, it is difficult to pin down exactly when the company's transition from Springfield, PA to Chester, PA took place. John C. left in 1850, placing William P. Beatty and Samuel Ogden in charge until 1860 when John returned and bought out Ogden. John left again in 1867 to be succeeded by Thomas W. Woodward who was succeeded by another William H. Beatty (possibly a son or brother to John C.). In 1875, John C. was the proprietor of Chester Edge Tool Works and referred to as "the surviving partner of Beatty & Sons," regardless of whether this signifies that the two were the same.

Identifying Marks

Variation sof "BEATTY & SON" with nothing, "W.," or "WM." before it and nothing, "CHESTER," "CHESTER, PA" or "MEDIA" after/below it. Figures of a cow, eagle, or the date "1806" occassionally appear.

General Information

One of America’s most prolific edge toolmakers, including broad axes used by shipwrights.



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