Contact Information:

Eric Ziner
The Greene-Ziner Gallery
73 Reach Road
Deer Isle, Maine 04627




Eric Ziner has been sculpting for thirty years. He began while still in high school, helping his father, Zeke Ziner, also an artist/sculptor.  He helped with fabrication and assembly and then moved out on his own.  He is primarily self taught and has also learned from apprenticeships .  His vision incorporates humor and wit that he hopes will inspire a second or third glance and reward the viewer with a meaningful presentation of objects, assembled with a cohesive theme.  Ziner hopes that his work "will provide future viewers with a glimpse of a bygone era, with this century's narratives in a transformed state."  He lives and works on Deer Isle, Maine, where he runs the Greene-Ziner gallery with his artist wife, Melissa Greene.

Work in the Davistown Museum Permanent Collection


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