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Ingrid Sundberg
5820 Hazeltine Ave. #24
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

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Ingrid Sundberg grew up in Maine on the small island of Mount Desert. With daily access to Acadia National Park she began her appreciation of the connections between nature, spirituality, and art. And as a child surrounded by the ocean and forest, her imagination was free to run wild.

She later attended the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, under a merit scholarship, and studied illustration. Ms. Sundberg’s degree project expanded her exploration of the visual and intellectual connections between nature, science, spirituality, religion and philosophy - themes that still resonates in her work to this date. Working in both watercolor and mixed media, Ms. Sundberg, begins each piece with a single image or topic. She uses research and intuition to help develop and inform the work, as new images are added. Layers of paper and paint reflect this journey. The use of natural patterns and geometric drawings is meant to expose the geometry within all living things, as well as to create an aesthetic sense of unity. The resulting “visual essay” should inspire the viewer to a deeper appreciation of the patterns and connections that surround us.

Since graduation, Ms. Sundberg has expanded her artistic repertoire to include whimsical children’s book illustrations. Her children’s book work is about the wonder of imagination, which she herself explored as a child. She is inspired by the potential for all things to be alive and able to tell a story; thus flowers have eyes and monsters live in every swamp. Imagination will take a child on adventures through space and turn frogs into princes. Her work wishes to pay tribute to that imagination which allows children, despite all circumstances, to dream.

Writing, Ms. Sundberg’s second love, brought her to Southern California where she earned her masters degree in screenwriting from Chapman University. Her artistic talents have been put to work in the film industry through storyboards, production design and art direction. She presently resides in Southern California, where she teaches drawing and illustration at Westwood College, and is a freelance illustrator and writer.

Ms. Sundberg’s artwork has been published in a variety of magazines and books, including The Mountain Astrologer, Sage Woman, and Half Price Books. To view more of her artwork, please visit her website:


The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA -

Café Tu Tu Tango, Orange, Ca -

Work in the Davistown Museum Permanent Collection


Wistful Woman
- 2000
Watercolor and pencil ~ 7 1/2" wide, 4 3/4" high

Work in Other Galleries or Collections

Sprouting Wings

Watercolor Print
11"w X 17"h (unframed)

3 Fates
Mixed media collage 17"w X 30"h (framed)

Marcus' Heart (from The Lollipop Lady)
18"w X 12"h (unframed)

Turkey Fish

Scrat, Zap and Zoot

Mandelbrot Kiss

Going Green


Lucky Monster


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