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Scattered throughout The Davistown Museum are tools by important manufacturers who are also the subject of
information files compiled by the museum. This is a listing of our holdings for:
Millers Falls Co.

Status Location
The Industrial Revolution (1865f.): Other Factory Made Tools
Blacksmith, Farrier, and Metalworking Tools
101701T14 Cold chisel bio DTM MH
Drop-forged steel, 5 3/16" long, signed "Miller's Falls Co Made in USA. No 1190".
Miller's Falls merged with Godell Pratt Co. in 1931 but retained their own name on some tools (Nelson 1999, 544).
Watchmakers, Jewelers, and Silversmiths' Tools
71401T8 Jewelers' saw bio DTM MH
Steel, brass, and rosewood, 8" long, 4" handle, signed "M F Millers Falls Mass USA".
This is an exquisite example of a rather uncommon early Millers Falls Co. tool from the heyday of New England tool manufactories.
Woodworking: Boring Tools
32313LTC6 Continuous motion two-speed ratcheting breast drill bio DTM TT
Cast iron, steel, wood (rosewood), 17 1/4" long, 7" tall, 12 1/4" wide, signed "MILLERS FALLS CO. NO 97 MILLERS FALLS MASS. PAT.
AUG.***1911 PAT AUG 6 1912".
112400T1 Hand drill bio photo DTM MH
Drop-forged tempered alloy steel, wooden handle, 14" long, signed "MADE IN USA No. 2A MILLERS FALLS TOOLS GREENFIELD, MA",
c. 1950.
82500T3 Mortising machine bio photo LPC MH
Cast iron, drop-forged malleable iron, signed "M.F.Co. Millers Falls Mass", c. 1885.
This is a prototypical mortising machine of the late 19th century. It was used in shipyards and for barn building to cut the mortise for tenons.
This tool dates from before the age of electric powered hand tools.
Woodworking: Other Tools
111001T10 Bit brace bio DTM MH
Drop-forged iron and steel, brass, iron, rosewood handle, 15 3/8" high, 7 1/2" swing, signed "Miller's Falls Mfg Co." on upper arm and
"Pat'd Apr. 10 67 no 0".
DATM (Nelson 1999) lists Miller's Falls Mfg. Co. working from 1868 - 72 (formerly the Levi J. Gunn and Charles H. Amidon Co.) In 1872
they dropped the Mfg. to become Miller's Falls Co. (1872 - 1931). DATM also notes an 1877 patent hand brace for them but no 1867 brace.
The patent date on this brace clearly states 67.
31212T2 Carpenters' multitool handle bio DTM TT
Nickel plated steel, cocobolo wood handle, 6" long, signed "MILLERS FALLS CO. MILLERS FALLS MASS.".
This pocket sized tool handle is hollow with a threaded wooden butt cap that houses six different tools which can be fitted into the chuck,
including a chisel, various screwdrivers, and a saw. Courtesy of Liberty Tool Co.
41801T9 Miniature brace bio DTM MH
Cast iron, steel, and wood, 7 7/8" long, takes at most a 1/8" diameter bit, unsigned.
This is probably a Miller's Falls product. It is a collectable tool from the classic period of the Industrial Revolution.
22211T36 Two speed hand drill bio DTM TT
Drop-forged malleable iron, steel, and a wooden handle, 12" long, signed "MILLERS FALLS CO." "MADE IN USA" "MILLERS FALLS,
MASS" "No 5" and their triangle logo.
This drill has two gears, which allow changing it to different speeds. The drills can be stored in the handle. Part of the Robert Sullivan
Collection donation.
Woodworking: Saws
41302T3 Hacksaw bio DTM MH
Steel, brass, and wood, 19 1/2" long, 14 5/8" adjustable frame, signed "No 6 Millers Falls Co. Millers Falls Mass USA" with their star
This is an uncommon example of an unusual, early Millers Falls hacksaw design.

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