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Center for the Study of Early Tools
This group of tools were all found together in a box used by a watchmaker or jeweler. They are also the subject of
an information file compiled by the museum.
The Epstein Hoard

Status Location
Historic Maritime II (1720-1800): The Second Colonial Dominion & the Early Republic
32502T44 Keys (2) bio BDTM T
Iron, unsigned.
These are used for steel locks on the box lids.
32502T30 Wheels (64) bio BDTM T
Cast steel, 1/2" to 1" in diameter, unsigned.
All the wheels have different patterns with no shaft or tooling.
32502T27 Adjustable clamp bio BDTM T
Cast steel (?) and brass, 5" long, 1 1/2" wide sliding side clamp with brass screws, unsigned.
This has an unusual and uncommon form.
32502T29 Adjustable clamp bio BDTM T
Cast steel with broken forged iron wing adjustment nut, 3 3/4" long, 5/8" wide jaws, unsigned.
This is a typical model adjustable clamp.
32502T45 Awl bio BDTM T
Bone and steel, 3 1/2" long including broken 3/4" long bone handle, 1/12" diameter, unsigned.
32502T43 Bowl pin auger handle bio BDTM T
Cast steel (?), 1 13/16" long, unsigned.
32502T39 Brush bio BDTM T
Wood and hair, 8 3/4" long , most of the hair or bristles are worn off, signed "Masters Late St London".
32502T38 Calipers bio BDTM T
Cast steel and brass, 2 3/4" long, 1 3/4" wide when closed, unsigned.
32502T6 Draw plate (2) bio BDTM T
Cast steel, 4" long, 1 1/2" wide, 5/16" thick and 4 9/16" long, 1 1/16" wide, 1/8" thick, signed on the larger one "B H & Co 33 - 46".
The smaller also has smaller square holes.
32502T7 Fragments from tiny jewelers' laths (4) bio BDTM T
Brass, wood, one with wood pulley 5/8" diameter, unsigned.
It has two tracks for a belt.
32502T28 Handles bio BDTM T
Bone, 3 1/16" long and 2 3/8" long, unsigned.
These bone handles have no tool with them.
32502T26 Jewelers' _________ bio BDTM T
Cast steel, unsigned.
It has an adjustable slide.
32502T8 Jig bio BDTM T
Brass and steel, 1 3/4" long including adjustable steel pin, unsigned.
This is some sort of 18th century jewelers' precision measuring tool. It has finely made tiny knobs on the side and on the adjusting steel leg.
A most unusual tool.
32502T31 Tweezers (8) bio BDTM T
Cast steel, 3 1/4" to 5 7/8" long, signed with unidentified touchmarks.
Historic Maritime III (1800-1840): Boomtown Years & the Dawn of the Industrial

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